MediaBytes – the last month on MediaWrites: data mining, Netflix and online harms

In the first instalment of our new video series, MediaBytes, Katrina Baxter talks to the authors of some recent posts which have been stimulating discussion online.


We’ve been catching up with MediaWrites authors in an attempt to stay up to date with the latest across the site. We’ve spoken to Phil Gwyn about the way data mining and AI are set to change the media, entertainment and sport industries, Janey Hurran about Netflix’s challengers across Europe, and Lizzie Greene on the government’s proposals to regulate social media in their Online Harms White Paper.

Want to find out more about any of these topics? We’ve included links to all three below:

Data mining, AI and Media: A brave new world?

Netflix: Coming Up Next… Emerging competitors and legal implications of the changing TV and film industry

UK Government releases new proposals to regulate internet safety in Online Harms White Paper

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