Podcast: Demystifying IP and NFTs – what you need to know

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a type of cryptographic token experiencing a rapid growth in popularity this year, both in terms of number and value of sales and media coverage. In our latest podcast, Rebecca O'Kelly-Gillard and Toby Bond demystify the intellectual property complexities raised by NFTs and discuss how clients can realise value from them.


The podcast covers how businesses can exploit NFTs and the various routes to market, while navigating the IP issues which will arise now and in the future. For example, who owns the copyright in the NFT, and what rights are transferred to a purchaser? Is this what the consumer understands themselves to be buying? Is the author of an NFT entitled to royalties each time that NFT is subsequently resold?

You can listen to the podcast here.

Rebecca is a Partner in our Intellectual Property Group based in London.
Toby is a Partner in our Intellectual Property Group, based in London. Since joining us in 2010, Toby has been involved in a wide range of contentious intellectual property matters. With his physical sciences background Toby is often involved in disputes involving complex technologies and his recent experience includes matters involving semiconductor fabrication and layout, analogue and digital electronics, flash memory, communication protocols and equipment, operating systems, software, video coding and artificial intelligence. Toby also specialises in issues relating to the protection and commercialisation of data and artificial intelligence.

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