eSports and child protection – what should sports bodies be doing?

Two players playing video games on TV at home

Sport in the UK that involves children and young people has recently been in the spotlight in relation to allegations of abuse, particularly in the context of historical abuse.

All sports bodies should ensure that they have robust processes and procedures in place to seek to prevent harm. This is not only exceptionally important for its own sake, but it also serves to encourage participation amongst children and young people and mitigates various types of risk for industry bodies.

In this article Richard Bush considers child protection in the context of eSports, including some of the steps that eSports bodies can take to minimise the risks of potential abuse occurring in the first place and to respond effectively if concerns arise.

Richard is an associate in our Sports Group, based in London. He advises on a range of sports-related issues including challenges to regulatory decisions, rules and regulations, disciplinary matters (including doping and corruption cases) and commercial dispute resolution. He has acted for numerous international and national governing bodies, event organisers, clubs, other rights holders and individuals across a range of sports including football, motor sports, rugby union, cricket, and tennis.

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