What’s Trending in Media and Sport: EU Copyright Reform

In the seventh part of our eight part video series on trends across the media and sports sectors, Phil Sherrell and Rebecca O'Kelly Gillard discuss EU reform to the Copyright Directive and platform liability.


2018 is going to be a big year for the Copyright Directive and Phil Sherrell discusses where it stands now and the controversial areas yet to be approved. Rebecca O’Kelly Gillard looks at how things are changing in relation to monitoring the internet and how the EU has issued recommendations to platforms in monitoring their own content.

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Phil heads Bird & Bird's market-leading international Media, Entertainment and Sport group. His personal practice has a particular focus on contentious and pre-contentious matters in the music, publishing, advertising and digital content industries. He advises on all aspects of IP protection and enforcement, including acting on a number of Copyright Tribunal references in the UK in relation to the collective licensing of newspaper and music content, as well as some of the seminal disputes in relation to copyright infringement and online defamation and privacy issues. Phil sits on the Copyright and Technology Working Group of the British Copyright Council and regularly appears in the media commenting on media law and regulation.

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