What’s Trending in Media and Sport

Over the next month, we will be publishing a series of eight videos setting out what we think are going to be some of the foremost issues that media businesses will be grappling with in 2018 and beyond. 


Change is constant within the media, entertainment and sport industries, and this process has only been accelerated by the influence of digital technologies. These technological advancements have given rise to new commercial opportunities, legislative developments, and regulatory challenges, and this is a trend that we only see gathering pace over the coming year. Check out the videos below for the developments that we think will be Trending in Media and Sport this year:

  1. Net neutrality
  2. The gig economy
  3. Fake news & internet regulation
  4. Gambling regulations
  5. Augmented reality
  6. esport
  7. EU copyright reform
  8. Intermediary liability, E-Commerce Directive reform and the Value Gap

This list will be updated to include links as each video is published over the next month.

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